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Fragile X Syndrome
Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited cause of mental retardation.
Behavioral changes consistent with mental retardation, developmental delay, autism
spectrum and progressive facial characteristics are associated with fragile X
syndrome. Screening for fragile X syndrome is available to women of reproductive
age. Preimplantation genetic assessment as well as prenatal diagnosis is indicated
in women with a positive family history should be screened for this condition.

Changes in a specific region of the X chromosome known as 'fragile X mental
retardation (FMR-1) gene are responsible for the syndrome. Premutation and
expanded mutation (full mutation) are progresive changes that occur only from the
maternal cell line. Typically, all sons who inherit a full mutation exhibit features of
fragile X syndrome. In daughters who inherit a full mutation, 50% to 75% will have
IQs in the borderline or mentally retarded range.

Because 1 in 113 to 350 will be a carrier of a fragile X syndrome, screening for
fragile X syndrome should be considered in men and women with:

  • family history of fragile X syndrome
  • a relative with undiagnosed mental retardation
  • family history of premature ovarian failure
  • men with neurologic syndrome of tremors and ataxia  

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