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Emergency Room
The plaintiff's decedent, then 93 years old, suffered a fall while a
nursing home resident. He had visible injuries to the front of his
face. He was transported by the defendant ambulance service to
the hospital, where he was examined by the defendant emergency
room physician. Following examination and treatment for his facial
injuries, the plaintiff's decedent was discharged and returned to the
nursing home via the same ambulance service.

At the nursing home, the plaintiff's decedent was transported from
the ambulance via stretcher to his bed. Immediately upon
placement in the bed, the plaintiff's decedent began experiencing
visible signs of spinal cord damage and quadriplegia.

The plaintiff's decedent was then transported by the same
ambulance service back to the hospital, where he was further
evaluated and it was determined that he had suffered progressive
neurological deficit, deemed a complete quadriplegic consistent
with a cervical chord injury resulting from a fracture subluxation of
C4-C5. The situation was deemed critical, no intervention was
proposed and he died within a few hours from respiratory failure.

The plaintiff was prepared to show that the defendant ambulance
service failed to stabilize the patient's head and neck prior to
transporting him in any manner, either to or from the hospital,
contrary to established practice and guideline for managing this
type of injury in an elderly patient. The plaintiff was also prepared
to show that the defendant emergency room physician failed to
take the necessary X-rays at the first emergency room admission,
which would have shown the spinal injury and failed to give
appropriate instructions for moving a 93-year-old patient with a
visible head injury.

The parties reached a negotiated settlement with the ambulance
service and emergency ward physician after depositions were
taken, but prior to the convening of the Medical Malpractice
Tribunal for $ 196,000.00.

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