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Delayed Diagnosis of
Rectal Cancer
In April 1994, at age 66, the plaintiff underwent a small bowel
resection and was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. The plaintiff
was put on 6-MP, a risky medication with well known carcinogenic
risks, for the next six years.

During those six years, the plaintiff was seen on 16 separate
occasions by the defendant physicians following him in a group
practice. In those visits, the plaintiff never received a rectal
examination, tests for occult blood in the stool, radiographic
evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract or diagnostic endoscopy,
despite the fact that he was 66, had been diagnosed with Crohn's
disease and was receiving 6-MP continuously.

In July 2000, six years after the diagnosis of Crohn's disease and
while on continuous dosing of 6-MP, the plaintiff was diagnosed
with advanced rectal carcinoma and underwent a low anterior
resection with mobilization of splenic flexure, but no ileostomy was
performed. The plaintiff suffered serious post-surgical
complications resulting in further surgeries.  

The plaintiff's expert was prepared to testify that it was a deviation
from the standard of care for a 66-year-old patient not to have had
a complete physical exam over six years; not to have had an
evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract via occult blood in the stool
tests; not to have a rectal examination; not to have obtained a
radiological assessment; and not to have a sigmoidoscopy and/or
colonoscopy at regular intervals.

The plaintiff's expert was prepared to further testify that the
defendants' deviation from the standard of care deprived the
plaintiff of having his cancer detected at an earlier stage when it
would have been more amenable to a less invasive local resection
and to therapeutic alternatives which would have enhanced his
quality of life.

With the involvement of the claims manager, the case settled two
months prior to the start of trial for a one-time payment of

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